RAUMMASCHINE | prototyp of an interactive stage projection

The Raummaschine is a space and a machine at the same time. It is an experimental interactive modelling and animation system for dynamic performances. The position of the stage design elements and the actors are tracked and augmented through realtime projections.
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DREAM BUBBLE MACHINE | projection on soapbubbles filled with smoke

A dark room with a raw, restless machine. It produces soap bubbles filled with smoke and projected images. The contents are hard to recognize, they are moving, flickering and finaly inevitably dying. Shown are images of a fortune-uniformed media landscape, that build dreams as fast as it destroys them. The installation makes light not only visible at the emitter and where it hits an object, but also in the space between. The emerging flying, bodiless images appear as if they were painted in the air with light.
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