ATTYÉF AL’MEDINA | Spontaneous Interactive Projection

ATTYÉF AL’MEDINA اطياف المدينة (»Illusions of the Medina«) is an interactive installation developed impromptu and on-site within three days at the INTERFERENCE Festival in Tunis/Tunisia.

We found our venue in the Dar Sharif دار شريف, a long abandoned construction site of a former noble residence in the historical city centre, the so-called Medina. The projection was installed in the courtyard on a wall above the visitors, a surface partly covered by ornamental tiles. Some of the embellishments had disintegrated while others had been removed, revealing different layers of textures on the wall.

In our installation the visitors‘ shadows were cast onto the raised surface, stimulating the appearance of these layers into motion as well as the ambient sound in different ways. Their bodies turned into a source of light, shadow, sound and movement, uncovering the former and present beauty — and thus motivating them to experiment with the atmosphere and response of the magical building.

Premiered in September 2016
Produced at INTERFERENCE Light Art Festival
Presented at Dar Sharif, Tunis, Tunisia

Art Direction: Marcel Bückner, Lorenz Potthast
Music & Sound Design: Tim Heinze