BE\\LONGING | Projection Mapping on digital romanticism

UPCOMING: 12. - 15.03.

Digitization has created an abstract world of data, media and algorithms. Social media, artificial intelligence, machine-learning and blockchain technology are shaking up firmly established social structures. Already at the end of the 18th century there were similar developments, as the Enlightenment was introduced into society as the rationalization of nature from which Romanticism developed as a juxtaposition. BELONGING aims to artistically examine how such a digital romanticism could look like today.

The façade of the Alte Oper, depicts a journey from binary, digital structures to sensual plays of light and a surreal experience of seemingly impossible scenarios. Beyond figurative representation, information carriers and wild spectacle, we glide through atmospheric structures of virtual architecture, where we might lose and find ourselves anew, connect and resonate.

Premiered in March 2020
Commissioned by Luminale - Biennial for Light Art and Urban Design
Projected onto Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany
Supported by Degussa, Stadt Frankfurt, Messe Frankfurt

Visuals: Xenorama
Music: Xenorama


Double Bass: Marcel Siegel
Alto Saxophone: Richard Steinert
Clarinets: Jolanta Rüffe, Carola Vagedes