FORMATIONEN | Audio-reactive tower projection

For the Stendaler Lichttage we realised a projection onto the Uenglinger Gate, in which light and sound merge into an immersive experience.

The theme of this year’s festival was the life of Johann Winckelmann, who is seen as the founder of modern archeology. In our projection, we imagined how Winckelmann described the Uenglinger Tor as one of the oldest and most beautiful gates in the country.

After a first capturing of the shape, the properties and the structure of the building are shown more and more in detail. The abstract, graphic animations are included closely intertwined with the music or are even sound-reactive.

Premiered in October 2018
Commissioned by 4th Stendaler Lichttage
Projected onto the Uengelinger Gate

Visuals: Xenorama
Music: Xenorama
Double Bass: Marcel Siegel
Additional Piano: Stefan Schenke
Additional Voices: Polina Borissova, Luana Rossetti
Drone Footage: Flightek