LIVING BUILDINGS | Exhibition projection on architectural model

For the exhibition »Lebendige Bauten« in Potsdam, we have devised a fitting projection onto a model of the Schiffbauergasse Quarter, as well as a panorama projection that tells the story of the area’s restoration and development.

Playful and extremely detailed animations have been combined with a host of historical photographs and video footage in what has been a close collaboration with the bodies responsible for the renovation project and the exhibition design team.

The staging of the model is a key element and fits in seamlessly with the exhibition’s overall design and architecture.

Exhibition projection on architectural model

Premiered in May 2018
Presented at Offizze, Schiffbauergasse
Produced for ProPotsdam GmbH

Animation, Editing, Sound composition and Design: Xenorama
Exhibition concept, archive research, storyline: Brigitta Bungard, Katrin Reiling und Kerstin Meyer-Ebrecht
Text: Katrin Reiling
Speaker: René Schwittay
Furniture Design: Kerstin Meyer-Ebrecht
Furniture Production: Neubauen.Design