MOYA FAÇADE | genius loci weimar

The show was hosted at the Herderplatz in Weimar and projected onto the Ohm Krüger House as well as onto the statue of Johann Gottfried von Herder.

On this square, the bust of Paul Krüger, former leader of the Boers in South Africa, and the statue of eighteenth-century theologian and humanist Johann Gottfried Herder have faced each other for over a century, both wrapped in contemplative silence.

Their quite discrepant perspectives on indigenous people and foreign tradition served highly inspirational. The show was influenced by the façade paintings and traditional masks of the Ndebele tribes, who were oppressed by Krüger, whereas Herder would have drawn fascination from them. The result is a vivid interplay between classical façade and South African form language.

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Art Direction:
Moritz Richartz, Lorenz Potthast, Thorbjörn Geisler, Marcel Bückner

Creative & Technical Direction:
Marcel Bückner

3D Supervisor:
Thorbjörn Geisler

Music & Sound Design:
Tim Heinze, Richard Oeckel

Video Edit:
Moritz Richartz, Marcel Bückner

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