OFFENBACH CENTRAL | Façade projection with email participation


During the Luminale 2018 we devised a participative projection onto the façade of the main station in Offenbach. We were invited by a local initiative aiming to reactivate the otherwise empty building once more. Our aim was to engage with the public perception of the station’s role, its characteristic as a node in a network and the emerging analogies to digital communication.

The visitors were asked to answer the question: “What is your connection to this place?” by sending an email to a specifically-programmed email server. The server calculated the supposed route of the Email through the global Internet, which was comprehensively visualised and culminated in an animation of their answers accompanied by a responsive soundscape throughout.

Premiered in March 2018
By invitation of “Initiative Hauptbahnhof OF”
As part of the “People’s Smart Sculpture Project”
Presented at the main station Offenbach

Design and Programming of projection: Lorenz Potthast
Documentation: Lorenz Potthast
Sound Design: Tim Heinze