ONEIRONAUT | visions of a lucid palace

ONEIRONAUT narrates the vision of the margrave Karl Wilhelm which inspired him to build the majestic palace as a centre of the geometric city. Decoupled from physical borders the scope of possibility is transcended while the dreamer develops a lucid consciousness and gains control over the events. Before the inner eye the ideal palace is created while challenging its actual appearance.


From the 8th of August to end of September 2015 ONEIRONAUT was projected on the castle in Karlsruhe as part of the Schlosslichtspiele. We were invited by the ZKM to contribute this project to the GLOBALE in the course of the 300th anniversary of the city of Karlsruhe.


Watch the Full Show:

Premiered in August 2015
Presented at Schlosslichtspiele GLOBALE
Produced by Stadtmarketing Karlsruhe
Curated by ZKM | Center for Art and Media
Many thanks to the technical support by PONG.LI!

Art Direction:Moritz Richartz, Lorenz Potthast, Marcel Bückner

Technical Direction: Marcel Bückner

Music & Sound Design: Tim Heinze & Richard Oeckel (Solar Nexus) in collaboration with Tim Sund, Polina Borisova and Katya Tasheva

Video Edit: Moritz Richartz, Marcel Bückner