RADIX | Augmented Projection Sculpture

Radix is a wooden root sculpture augmented by projection and sound. The sculpture is brought to life as a fictive entity: part organism, part apparatus.

In an ongoing play of light and sound the object undergoes a metamorphosis from its initial natural shape towards a technical formation while the two aspects strive for dominance. The project questions the relation between nature and technology and their connections and dependencies and explores the dichotomy between organic structures and digital aesthetics.

Radix was developed as an internal research project about the potential of organic surfaces, materials and shapes augmented with a digital layer of projected light, aesthetics and behaviors. The spatial shape of the root was captured through 3D scanning technology and extended through 3D printed polygon elements. Using the virtual replication of the root, the original visual and auditive perception of the wooden object and its properties and qualities can be scrutinized and augmented. The combination of traditional sculptural elements and latest digital technology creates a surreal appearance which blurs the boundaries between the real and the virtual.

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Premiered in March 2016
Produced  for Luminale Lightning Biennale
Presented at Senkenberg Museum Frankfurt

Art Direction: Marcel Bückner, Lorenz Potthast, Moritz Richartz
Technical Direction: Marcel Bückner, Lorenz Potthast
Music & Sound Design: Tim Heinze & Richard Oeckel (Solar Nexus)

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