RAUMMASCHINE | prototyp of an interactive stage projection

The Raummaschine is a space and a machine at the same time.

It is an experimental interactive modelling and animation system for dynamic performances. The position of the stage design elements and the actors are tracked and augmented through realtime projections.

The show „Faszination Digital“ deals with a variety of advantages and disadvanteages of new technologies. The focus is on the different perceptions of these circumstances in various generations.

The stage consists of four moveable projection surfaces. The the modules of the L-shaped structural architecture can be rearranged in any composition on stage. Combined with the customized video content new spatial experiences are created for every scenario.

Moritz Richartz

Simon Ulbricht | Hendrik Lüdders | Moritz Richartz

Simon Ulbricht | Hendrik Lüdders | Moritz Richartz

Audio/Visuelle Inhalte:
Simon Ulbricht | Hendrik Lüdders | Moritz Richartz

Chinelo Theater | Raummaschine

Projektleitung Chinelo Theater:
Abiud A. Chinelo

Abiud A. Chinelo | Vera Marreck | Paulina Pawlik

Video by Moritz Richartz //
Chinelo Theater //