RESONANCE | Interactive Tap Dance performance

In Tap Dance, the performers act as dancers and musicians at the same time. In cooperation with an advanced Tap Dance ensemble lead by Daniel Luka we extend this symbiosis on the visual and sonic level to create a unique fusion of sound, body and light.

In the course of several phases, the performance follows the dancers on a travel from the origin of Tap Dance through scenes of challenging choreography and spontaneous improvisation towards a multi-sensory climax.

Through specialized tracking technology, live processing of the Tap sounds and omnidirectional interaction the audio-visual stage realm becomes an active participant of the performance that responds to the movements of the dancers.

A cooperation between Xenorama and Luka Tap Productions.

Dancers: Ana Gudiño Aguilar, Daniel Luka, Nikolai Kemeny
Musik: Roman Babik, Tim Georg Heinze
Visuals and Stage Design: Lorenz Potthast, Moritz Janis Richartz, Marcel Bückner
Dramaturgical advice : Sarah Petronio, Heinz Voss

Coproduced by TanzhausNRW.
Supported by the cultural affairs office of Düsseldorf and the EU-Project "The People's Smart Sculpture" funded by the programm "Creative Europe" of the Europian Union. Additional support by Neumann&Müller and the Hochschule Düsseldorf.