Interactive Floor Projection for Trade Fair
Premiered in June 2016
Produced for IONTIS Elektrostatik GmbH
Presented at drupa trade fair, Düsseldorf, Germany

For the company IONTIS, an industrial producer of products in the field of electrostatic charge, we developed an innovative floor projection that attracts the attention of visitors at a trade show.

As soon as visitors come close to the stand, their feet are surrounded by electric strokes guiding them to the booth. At the same time the strokes playfully visualize the topic of electrostatic discharge, one of the core business domains of IONTIS.

An Ultra Short Throw projector, a tracking unit and a mini computer are mounted in an inconspicuous pedestal, which can be freely positioned and also used for other purposes. The installation was shown at “drupa”, the world’s largest trade fair for the printing and media industry in Dusseldorf.