Projection Mapping for ZKM Schlosslichtspiele

Premiered in August 2019
Produced for Schlosslichtspiele 2019
Curated by ZKM | Centre for Arts and Media
Projected onto the castle of Karlsruhe

Inspired by the psychedelic art and philosophy of the 60s, the projection show “Walls of Perception” describes the mind-expanding journey of a fictive protagonist. Influenced by works of the OpArt and the progressive and experimental music of the time, the projection investigates how the perception of reality and our relation with media have changed since than and which long lasting role those times play until today.

Existing structures – represented by the architecture of the Karlsruhe City Palace – are shown, rearranged, changed and finally overcome. Kaleidoscopic spaces, otherworldly arrangements and seemingly impossible scenes end in an atmospheric representation of infinity.

Xenoramas third show at the Schlosslichtspiele so far has been developed within the theme “ZKM – Summer of Love”, curated by ZKM.


Created by Xenorama (Lorenz Potthast, Marcel Bückner, Moritz Richartz, Richard Oeckel, Tim Heinze)

Documentation support by Alperen Sahin, ZKM | Centre for Arts and Media and others
Drums: Matti Thölert
E-Bass: Marcel Siegel
Additional Vocals: Polina Borissova


Making Of

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