In our processes, we connect diverse forms of expression at the interface of media art, video, sound, installation and performance. Combining our technolgical expertise with a constant creative curiosity, we explore the fields of digital design, projection mapping, experimental animation, real-time programming, composition, generative sound and sonic art. In our work we pursue context-specific and interactive approaches, always seeking to dynamically transform or alter the experience of space and to actively integrate the environment, performers and the audience into our art.


Marcel Bückner is an artist and media engeenier working at the interface of installation, performance, mixed reality and human-computer interaction.

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In his work, Marcel examines the poetic forms of expression in media spaces. By superimposing image, sound and code, he creates digital narratives and algorithmic environments in which analog reality and virtual stimuli mutually overlap.

Having grown up in Berlin and Potsdam after numerous travels Marcel studied Media Engineering at University of Applied Science Düsseldorf with the main emphasis on Virtual and Augmented Reality and Interactive Visualization. Here he worked at the MIREVI (Mixed Reality and Visualization) Lab to investigate innovative human-technology interfaces and experiences. Afterward, he studied for the Master Program Creative Technologies at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf to scrutinize the possibilities of algorithms as acting entities in film, installation and performance.


Tim Heinze is a multi-faceted sound artist with numerous forms of expression mainly in the fields of sonic sculptures, musical instruments, algorithmic music and live audiovisual interactivity.

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Tim’s motif in poetic spatial design is the artistic pursuit of a mutual aesthetic language, based on all our senses, fantasy and memory.

He grew up in Berlin, Potsdam and London and has been cultivating the fields of sound art, acoustics, painting, linguistics, writing, aroma therapy, calligraphy and 2D-design as well the programming of interactive audio systems as an interdisciplinary artist since 2000. His musical areas of expertise have furthermore been influenced by the training in North Indian classical Sitar — among other instruments — under the late Pundit Amarnath Mishra. Parallel to his artistic activity in numerous constellations in Berlin and Potsdam Tim works in the areas of psychoeducation and social reintegration in a psychiatric clinic.


Richard Oeckel is a musician and composer who fuses different styles, techniques and instruments into yet unheard arrangements and audio artworks.

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He began piano playing at the age of six. Henceforth he would further develop his skills in Jazz and Blues Piano, composition, music theory and arrangement. At an early age he could participate in courses at the famous Jazz-Institute of the UdK (Hanns Eisler) Berlin and was awarded the soloist prize »Jugend Jazzt« among others.

In various bands and projects he plays an active part in Potsdam’s and Berlin’s music and studio scene. Apart from his life as musician Richard studies his master in Physical Engineering Sciences, specializing in Technical Acoustics and Fluid System Dynamics, at the TU Berlin. He scientifically investigates the development and effect of sound in different surroundings and explores new ways to perfect the auditory experience as well as acoustics in the context of sonic flow.


Lorenz Potthast is a media artist combining technological curiosity, design strategies and cultural empathy to explore the potential of extended screens.

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On the one hand he uses the possibilities of digital animation, visual programming and experimental prototypes to invent new ways of playful, artistic expression while on the other hand he investigates the implications of a transforming digitalized and globalized world through critical research and analysis.

Lorenz studied Integrated Design and Digital Media at the University of Arts in Bremen and Interaction Design at IUAV Venice. He worked as Multimedia Centre Coordinator in Durban, South Africa, as coordinator of the Digital Impact Lab Bremen and co-initiated MEET YOUR NEIGHBOURS. He currently holds a teaching position at HfK Bremen and frequently gives lectures and workshops at other occasions as well. Lorenz’ projects have been internationally exhibited and repeatedly honored.


Moritz Janis Richartz is an artist and designer researching the nature of digital visualization and translating new technological possibilities into spatial experiences.

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Since his childhood in Bogotá and later in Rio De Janeiro, New York, Istanbul and Cologne he develops methods to visualize and experience the topics of time, space and man in the context of current art and media.

With sensitivity for the contextualization of technology and art he developed new mapping and interaction systems as Creative Director at LichtZeitRaumKlang. His performative works focus on the integration of man-machine interfaces and sensory into media compositions and dramaturgical environments. He learned to structure and realize his passion for art and design under various mentors such as Jürgen Waller, Ekmel Ertan, Frieder Nake, Onur Yazıcıgil, Can Altay and Murat Germen. His multimedia works have been exhibited.

After previous engagement in various individual and collective artistic projects, five core members founded Xenorama in the current constellation in 2014. Since than we have been working together with a network of creative individuals, institutions and enterprises. As a creative and reliable, partner, we are able to realize projects in flexible scales from the first idea to the final result.

Our studios are based at art and creative hub Rechenzentrum in Potsdam and art centre Güterbahnhof in Bremen.


Art Directors Club – Gold Award (Category Public Space) with Open Space Project
05.2022: Berlin, Germany

The Lumen Prize for Art and Technology shortlist
09.2021: Hackney House, London, United Kingdom

Japan Media Arts Festival – New Face Award
03.2017: Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

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04.2023: Shortlist Videomapping Award – Lille, France

03.2022: Shortlist Videomapping Award – Lille, France

Nomination for Media Architecture Biennale Award 2020
06.2021: Amsterdam

Design Prize Brandenburg – Winner Communication Design
06.2019: Potsdam, Germany

ADC Juniorwettbewerb: Distinction (With 100m2 Meer Team)
04.2018: Frankfurt, Germany

LUMEN Prize Shortlist
09.2016: Hackney House, London, United Kingdom

International Mapping Festival Girona – Micromapping and Audience Award
07.2016: Girona, Spain

ZKM Schlosslichtspiele Karlsruhe – Best of Selection
08.2015: Stadtschloss, Karlsruhe, Germany

Genius Loci Video Mapping Festival – 1st Prize
2014: Ohm Krüger Haus, Weimar, Germany


3.-21.05.2023 – Waterlight Festival Brixen, Italy

Screenization – On the Diffusion of Digital Screens
04.06.2022 – SHARE Festival – Turin, Italy

KORRELATION (with Xenorama)
5.9. – 29.11.20 – Seasons of Media Arts Festival, ZKM |Centre for Arts and Media, Karlsruhe

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Polytope XIa (by students of HfK Bremen)
19.- 21.04.2023 – Speicher XIA, Bremen, Germany

26.03.2022 – VideoKunstNacht – Kunstverein Kleinmachnow, Germany

MIMESIS (with Xenorama)
15. -16.10.21 – LICHTSTROM Festival Ingolstadt, Germany

10.12. – 20.12.20 – Junge Kunst Wolfsburg

THE EVER CHANGING LIGHT: Audiovisual Performance
21. – 23-08.2020: Museum Potsdam, Germany

BELONGING & AUFBRUCH: Luminale – Biennial for light art and urban desing
12. – 15.03.2020: Alte Oper und Börsenplatz, Frankfurt, Germany

WOANDERS: Hebbel am Ufer
04. – 07.12.2019: HAU2, Berlin, Germany

MOSAIC EXPEDITION: Polarstern Farewell Show
20.09.2019: Tromso, Norwegen

WALLS OF PERCEPTION: ZKM Schlosslichtspiele
08.08. – 15.09.2019: Karlsruhe, Germany

A SECRET ARCHIPEL: Localize Festival
24. — 25.08.2019: Freundschaftsinsel, Potsdam, Germany

FORMATIONEN: Stendaler Lichttage
18. – 20.10.2018: Uenglinger Tor, Stendal, Germany

ČO NÁS SPÁJA: German-Slovakian Day
10.09.2018: German Embassy, Bratislava, Slowakei

VORTEX LUCIS: Stadt für eine Nacht
30.06 – 01.07.2018: Schinkelhalle, Potsdam, Germany

9483KM/843MS: International Symposium on Electronic Art
23. – 30.06.2018: Durban, South Africa

RADIX: 48 Stunden Neukölln
22. – 24.06.2018: KINDL (Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst), Berlin, Germany

RADIX: UnderTheRadar Festival
24. – 28.05.2018: Sternstudio, Vienna, Austria

RADIX: Digital Choc Festival
9. – 18.02.2018: Goethe Institut, Tokyo, Japan

RADIX: Japan Media Arts Festival
16. – 28.09.2017: Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

GOLDSTADT 250: Show at Congress Centrum
12. – 13.05.2017: Pforzheim, Germany

BLICKLICHTER: Solo Exhibition
21.01.2017: Kunst- und Kulturhaus Rechenzentrum, Potsdam, Germany

ATTYÉF AL’MEDINA اطياف المدينة: Interference – International light art biennial
09.2016: Dar Sharif دار شريف, Medina of Tunis, Tunisia

ONEIRONAUT: GLOBALE / ZKM Schlosslichtspiele
08.2015: Centre for Arts and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany


Lecture and Case Study: „Screenization“ at IBSIC – Image Beyond the Screen International Conference
10.03.22 Lille, France

Workshop: “Express Yourself/City”
24.06.2018 – International Symposium on Electronic Art, Durban, South Africa

Keynote Presentation: The Real of Reality Conference
06.11.2016: ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany

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Workshop: „Working with nature‘s structures”
05.05.2023: WATER LIGHT HUB Symposium, Brixen, Italy

Lectureships “Audiovisual Articulation”, “Beyond the Screen”, “Expanded Animation”
2021- now: Digital Media, University of the Arts Bremen

Workshop „Audiovisual Design with professional light and media technology“
12.-13.04.2023 – Speicher XIA, Bremen

DAAD Summerschool
16. – 27.05.22 Durban University of Technology (South Africa) and HfK Bremen,

Lectureship Projektwochen “Raumprojektionen”
10.2019: Design Faculty, University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam

Workshop “Virtuelle Projektionen/Überlagerungen”
2.11.2019: Parallelwelten ExhibitionFAQ Gallery, Bremen, Germany

Workshop: „State of the Art – Projection Mapping“
05.2019: Lichtcampus, Wismar, Germany

Workshop „Introduction to Projection Mapping“
26. – 28.11.2017: HAWK Hildesheim, organized by Lichtungen

Workshop „Art and digital Technology“
25.07.2017: SEE Djerba Festival, Tunisia

Presentation: Strassenbeleuchtungstage
12.05.2016: Krefeld, Germany

Presentation: 6×6 Network evening
15.12.2015: Potsdam, Germany

Panel discussion: MUTEK_IMG
29.09.2015: Montreal, Canada

Artist Talk: CityLeaks Festival
16.09.2015: Cologne, Germany

QUARK Festival
02.2015: BITS Pilani Campus, Goa, India


03.2022 Hong Kong

monopol – Magazin für Kunst und Leben
08.2019: Berlin, Germany

(et.al) Impact of Social Art in the People´s Smart Sculpture PS2
06.2018: In: Proceedings of the 24th International Symposium on Electronic Art.

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Featured: „ENDLOSE HORIZONTE“ Artist Book
Apr 2021

Video Magazine: „Labocine – The Science of Cinema“ Issue
Jun 2019

05.03.2017: Johannesburg, South Africa

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