100m² MEER | Interactive floor projection for exhibition

For the German Science Year “Seas and Oceans” the House of Science Bremen organized a major exhibition incorporating all of its ten participating research facilities and institutes. The exhibition was designed and realised by the Master-Studio “Systems and Structures” of the University of Arts Bremen.

We supplemented the concept of a polygonal exhibition architecture with the impression of an ocean trench by an interactive floor projection. A stream of light points adapts to the exhibition architecture and accompanies the visitors throughout the tour. At different stages they can interact with the particles in various ways. Depending on their position they can, for instance, attract or repel the particles, or cause additional interesting facts to appear before them. In that way the floor projection functions as a supplementary media layer and as an abstract fluid orientation system.

Premiered in May 2017
Produced for House of Science Bremen
Cooperation with Master Studio "System and Structure", HfK Bremen

Exhibition Concept and Design: Prof. Roland Lambrette, Ali Boell, Thomas Frank, Johannes Nortmann, Lena Heins
Design and Programming of projection: Lorenz Potthast
Documentation: Moritz Richartz, Lorenz Potthast
Music & Sound Design: Tim Heinze & Richard Oeckel