AUFBRUCH | Floor and ship projection for MOSAiC expedition

In September 2019, the German research vessel POLARSTERN departed for the largest Arctic expedition of our time: hundreds of scientists from 19 nations are working on the MOSAiC Expedition, during which the ship will be frozen in the Arctic ice for one whole year.

For the farewell event in Tromsø, Norway, we developed two formats to celebrate the departure of the ship and the crew. For the captain and the expedition leader, the way aboard the ship led over a surface of ice floes projected onto the ground, which broke under their movements. Afterwards, the guests of honor were able to experience this interactive installation as well.

Before the icebreakers’ cast off, the POLARSTERN facade was then turned into a projection canvas that combined atmospheric polar research footage and animations with historical archive material from the legendary Fram expedition. At the end, the data to be collected by the expedition, to better understand the global climate, was previsualized in an abstract simulation.

Premiered in September 2019
Commissioned by Alfred-Wegner-Institute
Presented at MOSAiC Expedition farewell event in Tromsø, Norway
Projected onto POLARSTERN icebreaker

Visuals: Xenorama
Visual Support: Alperen Sahin
Music: Xenorama
Documentation: Xenorama
Archive Material: Alfred-Wegner-Institute