Interactive floor projection for MOSAiC expedition

Premiered in September 2019
Commissioned by Alfred-Wegner-Institut
Produced for MOSAiC-Expedition farewell event
Presented in Tromsø, Norway


Together with the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar Research we created an interactive installation for the MOSAiC expedition in which hundreds of scientists from 19 nations are working on the POLARSTERN icebreaker and be frozen in the Arctic ice for one whole year.

A large, glowing ice floe is projected onto the floor and accompanied by atmospheric arctic sounds. When the visitors enter the floe, the movement of their feet crackles and breaks the ice underneath them. As they move through the projection, they pull a trail of light behind them and expose the underlying water that slowly closes after a while.

The installation was originally developed for the boarding of the captain and the expedition leader at the farewell event of the MOSAiC expedition in Tromsø, Norway, but has been extended and showcased at other occasions as well.


Created by Xenorama (Lorenz Potthast, Marcel Bückner, Moritz Richartz, Richard Oeckel, Tim Heinze)

Support: Alperen Sahin, Simon Knop-Jacobsen

Installation at Luminale Frankfurt

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