GOLDSTADT 250 | Projections for the jewellery anniversary of Pforzheim

In the year 1767 the margrave Karl Friedrich von Baden granted the city of Pforzheim the exclusive right for gold and jewellery production and this decree therefore layed the foundation for the wealth of the city. For the 250th anniversary of this occasion we accompanied the glamourous celebration gala at the Congress Centrum in Pforzheim with an indoor 270° panoramic projection through several stages.

As an opening of the evening we worked together with Dr. Ana Kugli to fuse archive material with spatial 3D animations into a historical narration which vividly elaborates on all the ups and downs of Pforzheim’s jewellery production throughout the last 250 years.

For the second part of the evening we designed a high profile multi-media fashion show together with the teams around jewellery designer Jasmina Jovy and choreographer Guido Markowitz. The show featured 20 unique costumes that were inspired and made of products sponsored by local jewellery companies. The show was seperated into the six distinct epochs of Pforzheim’s jewellery production — these were exemplified by panoramic animations of the representative pieces which then staged the scenery for the following outfits and were accompanied by the suitable sound scapes for the models to perform to.

As a highlight of the first evening, we accompanied the world famous opera singer Jose Carreras with an elegant projected stage atmosphere.

On the second evening the ballet ensemble of the Theater Pforzheim performed an adaptation of their piece “The Kiss” inspired by Gustav Klimt, whose paintings we transmogrified into an abstract evolving scenery.

Premiered in May 2017
Produced for Goldstadt250
Presented at Congress Centrum Pforzheim

Art Direction: Marcel Bückner, Tim Heinze, Richard Oeckel, Lorenz Potthast, Moritz Richartz

2D&3D Animation: Marcel Bückner, Lorenz Potthast, Moritz Richartz
Animation Assistance: Hendrik Lüdders, Robert Vogel, Hans Arnold
Technical Assistance: Maximilian Gräf
Documentation: Marcel Bückner, Lorenz Potthast, Hans Arnold

Music & Sound Design: Tim Heinze, Richard Oeckel
Musical Assistance: Polina Borissova, Dan Merger, Samuel Sauter

Technical Partner: Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik
Cooperation Historical Narration: Dr. Ana Kugli
Cooperation Fashion Show: Jasmina Jovy Jewellery Design, Guido Markowitz



Fashion Show AUREAL

Ballet Show DER KUSS