Artistic studies in between image and sculpture

Self initiated research project
Premiered in February 2022
In continuous development since 2018

The project LUMINOUS OBJECT is a series of self-initiated artistic studies to explore the aesthetic of light emitting surfaces at the intersection of image and sculpture. The viewer’s visual habits are challenged and the materiality of the objects is questioned. Various transparent and translucent objects are composed on luminous surfaces, and backlit with precisely fitting animations that extend the two-dimensional surface of the screen into depth. The resulting works are produced as limited editions and presented as wall objects in a gallery context.

The first edition is to be understood as a homage to basic geometric forms that have played a fundamental role in the historical development of digital screens: The lens, the prism, and the cube. In the course of the animation, they develop their own aesthetics and behaviors, referencing the intense historical research of the Screenization project.

Luminous Object (Edition1: Homage)
Dimension: 44x44x6cm
Limited to 5 Objects


Visuals & Animation: Xenorama
Music & Sound: Xenorama

Documentation Support: Erik Wälz

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