EX.POSE | a cycle of human odysseys

EX.POSE | a cycle of human odysseys

360° dance and media installation
Premiered in February 2022
Commissioned by MWFK des Landes Brandenburg
Presented at Waschhaus Potsdam open air stage

EX.POSE is a media sculpture in the middle of the Schiffbauergasse Potsdam. Monumental and visible far beyond the cultural area, this work is a response to the challenges and vulnerabilities of our present. The Corona pandemic has shaken up our world, limiting us in the possibilities of the usual cultural and artistic production and inspiring us to new formats. 

Xenorama is constantly searching for new forms of media expression between perception and the imaginary. Together with choreographer Anja Kozik EX.POSE was developed as a new form of performative presentation that can be fully experienced despite pandemic limitations. This new concept was realized with the dancer Raha Nejad and the double bass player Marcel Siegel.

Every night from 22.03.-19.04. from sunset to 10 pm the open air stage of the Waschhaus Potsdam will be transformed into an impressive audiovisual 360° dance and media installation. The stage, completely wrapped in semi-transparent projection surfaces, will be enhanced by a surround sound system and will feature a recurring story every evening. 

The dramaturgical concept is based on the fact that our lives run cyclically and in phases. Together with Raha Nejad, Anja Kozik developed a dance dramaturgy of searching that accompanies our lives and repeats itself again and again in different ways. The protagonist struggles with herself, her memories and the constantly changing facets of her identity. We encounter her in moments of happiness, crisis and vulnerability. Above all, there is the search for a sense of having arrived.

This was filmed and edited by Xenorama, supplemented with animations and staged in a site-specific manner. The music was composed together with Marcel Siegel and takes a special role as a mediator between emotion and movement. 

The show can be visited without tickets, registrations or access restrictions.


Camera: Xenorama
Choreography: Anja Kozik
Dancer: Raha Nejad
Animation: Xenorama
Music & Sound: Xenorama, Marcel Siegel
Technical Setup: Mateo Ziethen, Waschhaus Potsdam
Photos: Markus Bertuzzo

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