360° Dance and Media Installation

Premiered in February 2022
Commissioned by MWFK des Landes Brandenburg
Presented at Waschhaus Potsdam open air stage

EX.POSE is a 360° dance and media installation. The monumental, freely accessible media staging seeks to respond to the challenges and fragility of our present.

Wrapped in semi-transparent projection fabric the open-air stage becomes a lively sculpture through the composition of animation, dance and music. Its overlapping surfaces create a special experience which assumes ever-evolving forms as the viewers circle the installation. The music as a mediator between emotion and movement likewise changes along with the position of the listener. This creates endless perspectives on EX.POSE.

In the cyclical staging, the protagonist is confronted again and again with the constantly changing facets of her identity. We encounter her in moments of happiness, crisis and vulnerability. Above all, there is a longing for the emotion of arrival.


Choreography: Anja Kozik
Dancer: Raha Nejad
Film & Animation: Xenorama
Music & Sound: Xenorama and Marcel Siegel
Technical Setup: Xenorama, Mateo Ziethen and Waschhaus Potsdam
Video Documentation: Falco Seliger
Photos Documentation: Xenorama and Markus Bertuzzo

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