FAKE – Virtual Reality Performance

FAKE – Virtual Reality Performance

360° Virtual Reality Performance

Premiered 5. November 2022
At Güterbahnhof Bremen

Reality or Illusion? In this 360 ° Virtual Experience 11 dancers deal with the topic in various layers of virtual and real environment. Tanzwerk Bremen cooperated with Xenorama to create this unique experience which synergizes the use of media, choreography and space in a hybrid virtual and real performance. The 360 ° film scenes were shot in urban, industrial and natural scenarios to create a contrast between the different realities.

The 6-minute performance premiered on November 5th, 2022 in gate 40 in the freight yard Bremen.


Choreography: Alexandra Benthin (Creative Director+Concept), Markus Hoft, Sarah Petry

Dancers: Alexandra Benthin, Ina von Bötticher, Jule Denzin, Lovis Dietrich, Rosemarie Dietrich, Malin Grafe, Markus Hoft, Marie-Claire Krämer, Eugen Kreps, Sonja van Megen, Sarah Petry

Costumes: Christina Weingärtner

Music: Michael Krummheuer

Technical Setup and Visuals: Xenorama

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