Façade Projection with Email Participation

Premiered in March 2018
By invitation of “Initiative Hauptbahnhof OF”
Presented at Luminale - Light Art Biennial

During the Luminale 2018 we devised a participative projection onto the façade of the main station in Offenbach. We were invited by a local initiative aiming to reactivate the otherwise empty building once more. Our motivation was to engage with the public perception of the station’s role, its characteristic as a node in a network and the emerging analogies to digital communication.

The visitors were asked to answer the question: “What is your connection to this place?” by sending an email to a specifically-programmed email server. The server calculated the supposed route of the Email through the global Internet, which was comprehensively visualized and culminated in an animation of their answers accompanied by a responsive soundscape throughout.


Making Of

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