Interactive Projection Mapping

Premiered in May 2014
Presented at Theater am Goetheplatz, Bremen
Produced for Bremer Karneval - Lichtertreiben

In this multimedia performance custom made animations and videos are projected onto inflatable costumes of stilt performers. The projections turn the performers into fairy-tale light figures, enhancing the magical aura of the performance and creating a stunning phantasmagorical scenery.

The system consists of a mobile projection with a tracking unit and a self-developed software for dynamic positioning of the video content. The performers are free to move while the perfectly fitting projection follows suit. Furthermore, the costumes are extended with internal LEDs for independent illumination and equipped with a ventilation system they also maintain the pres- sure of the built-in air chambers.


Created by Xenorama (Lorenz Potthast, Marcel Bückner, Moritz Richartz, Richard Oeckel, Tim Heinze) together with Hendrik Lüdders, Simon Ulbricht, Janine Jaeggi, Martin Sasse, Piet Koenekoop, Bettina Eichblatt


Costumes by Stelzen-Art & Oakleaf Creativity


Making Of

For the consistency of the digital contents and the physical choreography it was essential to have various methods of synchronization. The dramaturgy was segmented into Parts that were stirctly choreographed and parts where the performer had total freedom of movement.
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