Interactive Projection Mapping

Premiered in November 2013
Presented at Chinelo Theater, Bremen
Produced for Chinelo Theater Bremen

The show FASZINATION DIGITAL deals with a variety of advantages and disadvantages of new technologies. The focus lies on the different perceptions of these circumstances in various generations.

The stage of this specific play consists of four movable L-shaped structures. The modules of this flexible architecture can be rearranged in any composition on stage. Combined with the customized video content and in continuous interaction with the actors, new spatial experiences are created for every scene.


Created by Xenorama (Lorenz Potthast, Marcel Bückner, Moritz Richartz, Richard Oeckel, Tim Heinze) together with Hendrik Lüdders, Simon Ulbricht, Abiud A. Chinelo, Paulina Pawlik, Vera Marreck


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