Interactive shipyard model for exhibition

Premiered in October 2022
Exhibited at German Maritime Museum Bremerhaven

For the special exhibition “Steel and Bytes – Ein Schiff entsteht” at the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven, we developed an interactive model that makes it possible to experience the processes of a modern shipyard. 

The heart of the exhibition are five large-format touch screens on which transparent 3D-printed and laser-cut models of an archetypal shipyard are displayed. The objects are designed in such a way that they can be staged precisely, by backlighting them with content on the screens.

At six stations, visitors can interact with typical shipyard tools and thus call up custom-fitting information and animations on the individual processes involved in building a ship. Multilingual texts and an atmospheric sound design serve as a common thread. The interactive model is framed by a coherent exhibition design in which the reference to exhibits from historical shipbuilding is conveyed.


Visuals & Animation: Xenorama
Music & Sound: Xenorama
Support Music & Sound: Ertan Çetin
Exhibition Design: Veronika Stumpf
Support Technical Setup: Erik Wälz
Support programming: Timo Johannes, Neo Chung
Support Model Building: Camila Mejia, Erik Wälz
3D Print: 3DHB

(Video will follow soon)

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