POLYTOPE XIa (teaching)

POLYTOPE XIa (teaching)

An audiovisual exploration of Speicher XIa, inspired by Iannis Xenakis

With students of University of the Arts Bremen
Premiered in April 2023
Commissioned by HfK Bremen

More information: https://polytope-xia.hfk-bremen.de/

To mark the 100th birthday of the composer, architect and multimedia artist Iannis Xenakis, students from both faculties at Bremen University of the Arts have been working on his work “Polytope de Cluny (1972)”, an early milestone in immersive digital media art.

They developed a light installation based on Xenakis’ historical project, but interpreted it in a new, digital and site-specific way. For this, 8 moving heads, 4 high-performance projectors, 12 custom-made motorized motors and various other lighting and media technology were used. At the same time, the original soundtracks were processed on a 32-channel 3D loudspeaker system and new spatial audio compositions were presented that respond to Xenakis’ ideas.

Lorenz Potthast from Xenorama was one of the supervising teachers and Xenorama supported the project with its media technology and expertise.


Light composition of Polytope XIa

Hiuyan Lee
Janusz Kendel
Kui Xu
Leonard Puhl
Xiangyu Fu
Yongliang Chen

Installation Setup

Hiuyan Lee
Janusz Kendel
Jorin Rahfoth
Kui Xu
Leonard Puhl
Xiangyu Fu
Yongliang Chen

Sound compositions

Yimei Zheng: Insomniac popping boba poetry
Hsun Hsiang Hsu: Order
Jorin Rahfoth: Stranger Things
Qianxun Chen: Cosmic Cells
Mria Prosphora: Probability

Sound spatialisation*

Youngjae Cho
Reika Hattori

*for Polytope XIa
(Original audio tracks of Polytope de Cluny, 1972 by Iannis Xenakis)

Technical Planning and Coordination

Lorenz Potthast
Janusz Kendel
Leonard Puhl

Project guidance

Prof. Dennis Paul
Lorenz Potthast
Prof. Kilian Schwoon

Sound engineer

Martin Dieckhoff


Daniel Teige
Sharon Kanach

Print design

Nilya Musueva


Leonard Puhl
Nilya Musueva

Thanks to

Hausverwaltung der HfK Bremen
d&b Audiotechnik
Christian Hansen
Florian Bunjes
Jan Bending
Ada Hillebrecht
Lia Steinmann
Kerstin Böger
Audrey Douessin
Cooperations and support
Waldemar Koch Stiftung
Centre Iannis Xenakis
Xenorama – Studio for audiovisual Art
d&b audiotechnik


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