Analog Projection Mapping

Premiered in August 2016
Presented at Schlosslichtspiele 2016
Curated by ZKM | Center for Art and Media

“Transkutan” is a medical term that describes the transition of a substance through the skin. In our projection show we explore the omniscalar coherence between architecture and body, between facade and skin.

The animation follows a fictitious travel through different layers of the human skin. It starts with microscopic cellular processes, investigates the facade as membrane and finally lets parts of the human body interact with the architectural shapes.

To achieve the desired visual effects we developed a unique workflow that uses analog and organic animation techniques. Therefore we created physical models of the facade in different sizes and materials that were filmed with a special, synchronized camera setup.


Making Of

The numerous analogue setups required very complex riggings to ensure a precise mapping of contents through the production pipeline. The relation between Camera, Lens and Scale-Model had to consistant even in different scales.
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