CHAOS/MOSIS at footnotes summerschool 2045

With a great group of people we traveled through time into the year 2045 and investigated the roles of artists, creatives, institutions, disciplines, responsibilities. We imagined, created, embraced the chaos and found surprising connections and insights. It was a pleasure to host the workshop CHAOS/MOSIS at footnotes summerschool of FAST45.
This video was produced on site with sounds from within the building of ZHdK Zürcher Hochschule der Künste and thoughts from the workshop participants.
Thanks to all initiators, helpers and the awesome workgroup we were delighted to navigate into the future with.


Screenic Object is growing!

Our visual research project SCREENIC OBJECT is growing! The new edition of our exploitation examines the potential of virtual light and shadow on a three dimensional canvas. They were part of the exhibition of Deutsches Farbenzentrums conference „Farbe und Gesundheit“ at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin along with other great artworks!

More Info about the conference