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“Imagining Climate Just Education in 2045: Art School Futures Lab x Klasse Klima”

“We will go onwards in a different mode of humanity, or not at all.”  (V. Plumwood) 

Planetary resources are fading and anthropocentric domination and exhaustion prove fatal. This will play an existential role also in the futures of arts education. 

In this Art School Futures Lab new learning environments beyond green-washing will be imagined collectively. We invite you to develop images of the year 2045 in ways that have blended climate justice as an integral part of creative learning practices. 

How must art schools take on their responsibility as testing grounds for structures and curricula to foster safe and just environmental futures? How do creative practitioners position themselves in these future worlds? What are the potentials of arts education to drive systemic change?… 

For Whom?
Students, teachers, researchers, administrators, strategic staff and everyone interested in the education of tomorrow’s specialists, creatives and artists!

17.11.2022, 14-18
18.11.2022, 10-15

Filmuniversität Babelsberg, Konrad Wolf, Marlene-Dietrich-Allee 11, 14482 Potsdam, Room: 2501 Flyer

Register until 14.11.2022:
Mail to l.minow@filmuniversitaet.de
participation in the Lab is free of charge


“FAKE” – a dance VR-Experience

The first rehearsals for “FAKE” – a dance performance by 11 dancers from tanzwerk bremen are underway. A 360° film is being created, which is coming up as a VR-experience in November. We are looking forward to it!
Find more Info soon here: https://www.tanzwerk-bremen.de/fake/


CHAOS/MOSIS at footnotes summerschool 2045

With a great group of people we traveled through time into the year 2045 and investigated the roles of artists, creatives, institutions, disciplines, responsibilities. We imagined, created, embraced the chaos and found surprising connections and insights. It was a pleasure to host the workshop CHAOS/MOSIS at footnotes summerschool of FAST45.
This video was produced on site with sounds from within the building of ZHdK Zürcher Hochschule der Künste and thoughts from the workshop participants.
Thanks to all initiators, helpers and the awesome workgroup we were delighted to navigate into the future with.


Screenic Object is growing!

Our visual research project SCREENIC OBJECT is growing! The new edition of our exploitation examines the potential of virtual light and shadow on a three dimensional canvas. They were part of the exhibition of Deutsches Farbenzentrums conference „Farbe und Gesundheit“ at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin along with other great artworks!

More Info about the conference



We are part of PACE Festival!

We are part of the new Festival in town! Together with other great artists we put together an exhibition for all guests of PACE Festival Potsdam. We meet you there on Sunday to indulge our eyes and ears with some fine art at Potsdam Arts and Creativity Exchange, short PACE Festival!

Finde more Information here or on the Festivals instagram account!


EX.POSE 22.03-19.04.2022

Our installation Ex.pose presented us with many challenges. We didn’t bury the head in the sand and stuck to our vision. We are happy to announce that expose will be on display at Schiffsbauergasse for another month starting Tuesday at dawn!

The show can be visited without tickets, registrations or access restrictions. 

More about EX.POSE


SCREENIC OBJECTS at Videokunstnacht Kleinmachnow

See the video of our newest research project SCREENIC OBJECTS or come by this Saturday 26. Februar, 8 p.m. to midnight to Videokunstnacht Kleinmachnow to see it in reality.
More Info about SCREENIC OBJECTS: https://xenorama.com/portfolio/screenic-object/
More Info about Videokunstnacht: https://bruecke-kleinmachnow.de/videokunstnacht/


It’s finally happening!

Friday evening our dance and media installation EX.POSE will be shown for the first time at Waschhaus Potsdam. The open-air stage on Kunst- & Kulturquartier Schiffbauergasse, completely wrapped in semi-transparent projection surfaces, will be enhanced by a surround sound system and will feature a recurring story every day from 6:30 to 10 pm. We cordially invite you to experience the cooperation of xenorama, Anja Kozik, Raha Nejad and Marcel Siegel in the Schiffbauergasse.
The show can be visited without tickets, registrations or access restrictions.


Dance and media installation EX.POSE

The last weeks of this year we enjoy working on our new dance and media installation EX.POSE. We were filming in the green box with the Dancer Raha Nejad, arranging, keying, animating, organizing, writing and composing Musik together with Marcel Siegel.

Choreographer Anja Kozik developed a dramaturgy that deals with the process of becoming aware of oneself as well as exploring and confronting inner boundaries. We are curious and looking forward how our 360 degree installation at Schiffbauergasse Waschhaus open air stage will look like in the big scale! It will run from the 12th of January until the 28th of February.


Fotoausstellung INTO THE ICE

Last preparations of our media installation for the photo exhibition about the MOSAiC Exhibition at Deutsches Schifffahrtsmuseum. The exhibition INTO THE ICE will not open until december, so you can get the real “arctic winter” experience…